Weight Loss

Monday, 19 May 2008

Another pound down that is 3 pounds for last week....

Weight 101Kg Goal:70Kg Still need to loose: 31Kg

Weight loss is going well and I a very happy but I am getting obsessed with what to eat and I am being really strict with food.
Why do people feel they can talk about your weight as if you were not there? Visiting family at the week-end and somehow my weight loss become main topic of conversation. How did you lose it? What do you eat? How much have you lost? How much ore do you want to lose? It was excruciating I do not like the attention....even worst the comment she s being good she did not have a choccie biscuit!! How patronizing! Even if I was not trying to lose weight I would have not had the biscuit! Anyway am I being ungraceful? Should I just take the comments in the spirit they were intended? Bad workout this morning at the gym. PT says I just gave up maybe he has a point. Apparently I lack motivation and mental strength!! How do you keep going when you are tired?

Saturday, 17 May 2008

Another 2 pounds off!!!!

Weight 101.5Kg Goal:70Kg Still need to loose: 31.5Kg

I have done the 5K in 43minutes 38 seconds...over 2 minutes better than last time. I am really happy about this but it still feels very difficult!!! I am struggling with the breathing and the uneven surface. I have only managed to do that with the help of PT that kept me going! I am really wworried on how I will keep going on the day by myself.I look like a real mess when I run!!!Imagine a very overweight, breathless, red faced woman trying to run. I hate it and I feel like everyone is looking at me in the park. There was a group of woman sitting at a bench and it was so unnerving!! The sensible side of me is saying who cares what people think? but in reality I do care, maybe it is the result of my upbringing? The importance of what people think.....
I have lost 2 pounds and it feels great especially as it looked like I was stuck at the same weight!! Food has been absolutely great but I am so worried about going on holidays next Friday. Last time I went to the same place I put on 6 pounds in 4 days. How did I do it? It was easy and delicious....I just cannot face putting on 6 pounds this time around so I am preparing myself to face the onslaught of food on offer and people insisting you try everything and keep putting things on your plate. What is it about families? They feel free to nag you about your weight and at the same time they just keep going at you with food until you have had everything on sight!

Tuesday, 13 May 2008

Only one Pound!!!

Weight 102.5Kg Goal:70Kg Still need to loose: 32.5Kg

The good news is that I did the 5k outside in the race park, it took 46 minutes. The aim now is to do it under 45 minutes.....The not so good news is that I have only lost 1 pound this week. It is really getting me down. I have been very good with food especially when everyone around me were stuffing themselves! This is the hardest when I have to keep going and the results are not coming....

Monday, 5 May 2008

Persepolis and fat and happy?

Weight 103Kg Goal:70Kg Still need to loose: 33Kg

Persepolis is a fantastic movie, I would highly recommend it. This is easily one of the best movies I have seen this year.

We have decided to get a second opinion overseas on the whole baby issue. We are going in 3 weeks. I am excited about going and scared if the news are not good. We are now running out of options...I just hope it is good news.

Finally just to clarify something: I was not happy at my starting weight however it does not mean that you can t be happy. I am not saying that you cannot be fat and happy I am just saying that I was not. In many the ivf was the trigger for me to lose weight but I have only made it so far by keep going after slipping up. In the past I would have just given up after slipping up, this time with PT s help and annoying comments I keep going....I am sure that I will not win a record for the time it has taken me but as long as I get to the destination...that is what matters

Sunday, 4 May 2008

Exciting News....

I have done 5K this morning alone on the same park as the race. I was happy and relieved as after Friday I was really worried about not finishing it....
This morning was easy compared t0 Friday, the surface was alone easier on me, no mud, no slippery and no stones.... It took me under 45 mins which is what I want really for the day.
The best thing? How impressed DH was!!! He was sitting on a bench waiting for me and he was really impressed and almost surprised! I think up to today he never thought I could do it.....
There is actually a list of people that think I am not going to do it!! The only doubt I had was ob Friday when PT looked worried he has spent the last 2 years telling me I could do almost anything that seeing him wondering if I will finish scared the life out of me....He should be on my side.

We are avoiding talking about the ivf issues with DH but we need to start thinking about what to do next. Who said hiding under the duvet is not the best approach to life s problems?

I am going out tonight and I am wearing a knee length skirt....I have not done that for years...7-8 years to be precise...It feels great. There is one thing that is bugging me my best friend has not ever mentioned my weight loss!!! I avoid boring people and do not like talking about it..... I just want her to acknowledge it though!! 6 stones and not a word. Complete strangers have commented on it but not her....

The last question is why do people keep offering me chocolates or sweet bad things? In the last 5 days I have received: 2 boxes of choccies (both from friends and family), 12 Krispy Kreme (my favourite from best friend above), 1 Dark Kit Kat(KK favourite choccie from work colleague!) and 1 box of Belgian choccies!!!! I am into recycling so I f I give you some choccies be warned!!!